The HUMUNITY scientific objective is the study of human mucosal innate immunity and inflammation mechanisms by using highly predictive advanced models of human mucosal tissues in culture.


Within this overarching objective, four integrated graduate research projects have been planned for the selected Early Stage Researchers (ESR):

ESR1: James Gavigan-Imedio

Functional modulation of mucosal innate immunity in the human upper respiratory tract

ESR2: Gergő Sipos

Mucosal innate immunity modulation by therapeutics in cystic fibrosis

ESR3: Elfi Töpfer

Functional modulation of mucosal innate immunity in the human colon in health and disease

ESR4: Mariusz Madej

Role of mucosal innate immunity/inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease


The training programme comprises:

  1. The implementation of individual research projects at ACS and CNR, with frequent visits to UNIPI and a short rotation to PLUS.
  2. Registration of trainees in the PhD School at PLUS.
  3. Joint courses and scientific workshops.
  4. Short courses for transferable skills training, including a course on ethics.
  5. Active participation in international congresses.
  6. A final outreaching workshop.